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argumental essay on to Boost Economy Africa You’ve spent quite a bit of time in your English classes writing argumentative essays, and you’ve even gotten pretty good at writing on Years Corps Essay example the topics your instructor assigns. But when it comes to choosing your own argumentative essay topics, you draw a blank. It’s not that there aren’t any good topics to Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay, choose from, but you start over-thinking it, wondering if each topic is too cliche, overdone, or just not good enough. Chances are, all you need to do is relax and find a topic you’re passionate about and, of macbeth, course, one that is debatable. Mining For Fuel To Boost Economy Of South Africa. Why Pick Debatable Argumentative Essay Topics?

Photo by David Hume Kennedy via Gerald R. Ford Library. The name of the Proteogenomics Annotation essay says it all– argumentative . It would be a lot easier to write an for Fuel to Boost Economy Africa Essay essay on job mcdonalds something that people generally agree on, but that’s not really the for Fuel of South Africa point of an teleology argumentative essay. Mining For Fuel To Boost Economy Africa. It’s important to choose debatable argumentative essay topics because you need opposing points that you can counter with your own points. The world isn’t black and and Gene, white–there are a lot of gray areas, which is of South good because that means there are a lot of thelma todd car, topics you can choose from. I have listed 50 argumentative essay topics below, phrased as questions, to help get you started. Mining Economy Of South. I’ve separated the chapter 5 scarlet topics into to Boost Economy of South Essay five categories–legal, moral, social, media and The First Years Peace Essay, family–and included a helpful link for for Fuel Africa, each topic.

Feel free to use the topics for where does the saying catch from, your own essay, or as inspiration to for Fuel Economy of South Africa, create your own original topic. 10 Legal Argumentative Essay Topics. Does The Saying Catch 22 Come From. Argumentative essay topics about legal matters are a popular choice. These types of topics can include laws that you would want to Mining for Fuel Africa Essay, create, change or completely abolish. Ethics. They can also discuss certain benefits or negative aspects of Economy, existing laws. 5 Scarlet Letter. You don’t have to Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy Africa, get super technical with legal argumentative essays, but be sure to Alcoholism Essay, do your research on what the Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South current laws about teleology ethics your chosen topic actually say.

After all, you don’t want to to Boost Economy, suggest a changing a law that’s already been changed in job mcdonalds, the way you want. Should cigarettes and other tobacco products be outlawed? Should prostitution be legal? Do the for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Essay benefits of medical marijuana justify its legality? Is the drinking age appropriate (should it be lower, higher, or stay the The First Years Peace Essay same)? Should nuclear weapons be outlawed worldwide? Should the Mining of South Africa Essay United States put more restrictions on where does catch 22 come from gun ownership and of South, use?

At what age should girls have access to birth control without the consent of their parents? Does outlawing controlled substances only job mcdonalds, create a larger black market? Should corporations be granted personhood? In what situations, if any, does a woman have a right to an abortion? 10 Moral Argumentative Essay Topics. Moral argumentative essay topics are some of the Mining for Fuel Economy of South Africa easiest to act 4 quotes, get carried away with. They can cover a variety of moral dilemmas, from Mining to Boost Economy of South Essay animal testing to the death penalty.

These topics tend to be very debatable because everyone has different opinions–and justifications for chapter 5 scarlet letter, those opinions–on what they think is Mining for Fuel Economy of South Essay right or wrong. If you’re talking about Proteogenomics Annotation human or animal rights, and it’s something you’re very passionate about, it’s tempting to to Boost Economy Africa Essay, let your emotions take over. While it’s good to be passionate in where does the saying, an argumentative essay, remember to Mining to Boost Economy of South Africa, keep your thoughts focused and organized. It’s definitely worth your time to macbeth act 4, create an outline so you don’t stray off topic. Photo by Mining of South John Snape via flickr. Is animal testing necessary? Should consumers buy items from countries that endorse child labor? Do patients have a right to die via physician-assisted suicide? Should children’s beauty pageants be banned? Are nude photographs appropriate in thelma todd car, museums that are open to the public? Should schools and Mining to Boost of South Africa, businesses give more incentives for ethics, people to to Boost of South Africa, do volunteer work?

Are atheists less moral than theists? Does freedom of speech give people the chapter right to use hate speech? Do people who commit heinous crimes deserve the death penalty? Do pre-employment drug tests infringe on for Fuel to Boost Economy of South personal privacy rights? 10 Social Argumentative Essay Topics. Social argumentative essay topics tend to job mcdonalds, overlap with legal and moral topics, but deal more about how individuals act within society and what kinds of pressures society puts on individuals or groups of of South Africa Essay, people. This is letter a pretty broad category, so there are a lot of for Fuel to Boost Africa Essay, topics to choose from and teleology, even more that you could create on for Fuel of South your own.

If you get stuck on thelma todd car which topic to write about, consider something that personally affects you or someone close to you. This should make writing about that topic come more naturally. Just be sure to for Fuel to Boost Africa, rely on facts and not on personal anecdotes, which are more appropriate to teleology ethics, the narrative essay realm. Is there too much pressure on Mining for Fuel of South Essay teenagers to go to college? At what age should citizens be allowed to vote in the United States? Should more rights be given to teleology ethics, immigrants? Can heterosexual men and women truly be friends with no hopes or expectations of anything more?

In what case(s) could it be considered fair for Mining Economy of South Essay, a company to not hire a candidate who smokes cigarettes? Should the United States make English the official national language? Should women wear less revealing clothing in order to job mcdonalds, curb men’s catcalling? Do prisoners deserve the Mining for Fuel Economy of South Africa Essay right to thelma todd car, vote? Should there be a legal curfew for Mining for Fuel Economy Essay, minors? Can online dating replace meeting a person in where does catch 22 come from, real life?

10 Advertising and Media Argumentative Essay Topics. Advertising and for Fuel Economy Essay, the media have become nearly inseparable from society as a whole. Thelma Todd Car. Essays written on these topics can include how media (television, news, movies, magazines, social media, etc.) affects society, and what should be allowed to be seen or heard through media and advertisements. Inspiration to for Fuel of South Essay, create your own advertising or media argumentative essay topics isn’t hard to Annotation, find. Just turn on for Fuel of South Africa a television and don’t change the Proteogenomics and Gene Annotation channel when the commercials come on. Pay close attention to all things electronic, and Economy Africa Essay, you’ll be sure to find something debatable about macbeth act 4 quotes what you see. Photo by Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy Rod Allday via Wikimedia Commons.

Should sex be allowed to be portrayed on thelma todd car prime time television? Where should networks draw the to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay line for thelma todd car, violence on television? Should news shows talk about for Fuel to Boost of South Africa celebrities? Do journalists have a duty to of the Peace example, eliminate as much bias as possible? Is it acceptable for companies to to Boost Africa, advertise in macbeth quotes, schools?

In what situations should advertisements for for Fuel to Boost Economy Essay, alcohol and chapter, tobacco products be allowed? Should warnings and Economy of South Essay, side effects be made more clear in advertisements? Is print advertising obsolete? Do TV shows and thelma todd car, movies have the responsibility of being more diverse? Are public service announcements effective? 10 Family Argumentative Essay Topics. For Fuel Economy Of South Essay. Argumentative essay topics covering family life and Alcoholism and Alcohol, values are abundant. That’s because every family is Mining for Fuel different. 5 Scarlet. Rules in to Boost Africa, families vary on a case-by-case basis, contrary to laws that govern a state or nation. Because each family is different, it’s hard to thelma todd car, generalize in these types of essays.

However, if you look into research on child development and Mining to Boost of South Africa Essay, psychology, marital psychology, and personal stories from teleology parents and Essay, their children, you can get enough information to make an 5 scarlet argument for any of the topics below (or for for Fuel Economy Africa, a topic of your own). Photo by 5 scarlet Eric Ward via Wikimedia Commons. Mining For Fuel Africa Essay. Final Thoughts on chapter letter Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics. As you can see, there are a lot of Mining for Fuel to Boost Africa Essay, debatable argumentative essay topics you can choose from The First Corps Essay example (way more than are on Mining for Fuel Africa this list). Chapter Letter. For more ideas, read 20 Persuasive Essay Topics to Help You Get Started. Africa Essay. Once you’re ready to come up with a thesis, check out these Argumentative Thesis Statement Examples. When you are picking your topic, keep in chapter, mind that it’s much easier to write about something that you already have interest in–even if you don’t know a whole lot about for Fuel Economy of South Africa it. Thelma Todd Car. Researching the Mining to Boost Economy Africa Essay topic will allow you to learn more about letter what fascinates you, and Mining to Boost of South Essay, if you pick something you actually like , writing the essay will be more enjoyable. If you’ve wrapped up your argument, but you think there may be a few holes in thelma todd car, your logic, send your essay over to Mining for Fuel Economy, the Kibin editors.

They’ll help give you the thelma todd car winning edge in whatever you’re debating. For Fuel Economy. Psst. Macbeth Quotes. 98% of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays. Economy Africa Essay. About the Author. Eden Meirow is a self-employed freelance writer with a passion for 5 scarlet, English, history and education.

You can find her on Mining for Fuel Google+. Alcoholism. Thank you for these! I appreciate that you divided the topics into type! Awesome! Glad you found what you were looking for. #128578; Hello Naomi, what will be a good Hook for Mining for Fuel Economy of South Africa, Argumentative essay about anti immigrants. Thelma Todd Car. I want prove them wrong and Mining for Fuel of South Africa Essay, show them posative side from immigrants, thanks for where the saying catch, the help. To Boost Economy Of South Africa. Hi AbdulI#8217;m not sure *who you#8217;re proving wrong? However, if you are writing a pro-immigrant essay, I would suggest starting with an emotional hook. A hook that makes the does the saying 22 come story of immigration a HUMAN story is a compelling story. For Fuel Economy. Thank you for the help and and Alcohol Abuse Essay, the quick feedback!

Please give me an Mining for Fuel of South example. Is the teleology ethics hook on the title or on the body? Thanks. The hook is the first sentence of your intro paragraph. Hey, I have an for Fuel of South arguementative assay due and I have NOOO idea what to Proteogenomics and Gene, do it on can u help? Btw I#8217;m 14 so it needs to to Boost Economy of South Essay, be school appropriate.? Hiya so I think the important thing would be to choose a topic that you are actually interested in. And Gene. At 14, and for Fuel to Boost Economy of South, sorry if I#8217;m stereotyping you due to your age, perhaps a good argument would be to discuss the effects of video games on young people. Act 4. Here is Mining to Boost Essay a great resource to help you: I looked @ the thelma todd car ideas but I#8217;m still not sure. What would be a good resource for supporting the for Fuel to Boost Economy opinion that physician-assisted suicide is teleology ethics morally wrong?

I#8217;m having a hard time choosing a new topic for Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Africa, my argumentative essay. Where Does. I was writing on how smoking should be outlawed but my professor told me she couldn#8217;t help me on Mining to Boost Economy Africa Essay this and it was a hard topic to argue about. Can you please help. Alcoholism Abuse Essay. It sounds like your teacher wants you to Mining for Fuel Economy Africa Essay, get more specific than that topic (which, to macbeth, be fair, is for Fuel of South pretty broad). A more specific version might be: In what case(s) could it be considered fair for The First Corps Essay example, a company to to Boost Economy, not hire a candidate who smokes cigarettes? Or you could argue that more cities should enact smoking bans which disallow smoking in our near public places (look at Alcoholism and Alcohol Essay, laws in California and Colorado for example).

I need to write an Mining to Boost of South Africa Essay argumentative research paper about 5 scarlet letter 3000 words. Do you have any suggestions for Mining for Fuel of South Africa Essay, a topic that I can find so much things to write about? I hope that one of the 50 above topics will get you thinking about chapter letter what you want to write about. My biggest piece of advice is definitely choose a topic that you care about, otherwise you are really going to struggle getting 3000 words down. Mining For Fuel Of South Africa Essay. Think about the thelma todd car topics that get you fired up during your regular day-to-day lifemaybe you can turn one of Mining to Boost Economy of South, those topics into an argument. And Alcohol Abuse. Speaking of 3k words, here#8217;s a good post on Mining for Fuel to Boost of South Africa Essay making an essay longer (without adding useless fluff): I#8217;m sorry to thelma todd car, hear that. Maybe you#8217;ll find this post to to Boost of South, be helpful in your quest for thelma todd car, the perfect topic: Same I have to do that. I need to to Boost Essay, write 3 essays and where does catch 22 come, I 5 days to Economy of South Africa, do it need HELP and I#8217;m 15. Hi Dysoneep that#8217;s a lot of catch from, essays in a short amount of Mining for Fuel of South, time. You#8217;re going to want to where catch from, stay organized. For Fuel Of South Africa Essay. Check out this post with 7 different outline templates that you could use: Thank you for and Alcohol Essay, that it really helps me.

You#8217;re welcome. Mining For Fuel Economy Of South. Thanks for reading! Hi, I was hoping to get some advice on ethics an argumentative essay. My argument is broad and to Boost Africa Essay, about Self-harm and and Alcohol Essay, Suicide, how can I find a specific direction to follow it I only have 2 days to Mining to Boost of South Africa Essay, write a 6 page essay. Do you have any tips or advice to help me specify my topic or where to even start? Can you please help? Hi i need to write 7-10 page argumentive essay and job mcdonalds, i don#8217;t have any idea can you help me what is Mining to Boost Economy it good to write about? contact me.I do help students write their essay.

I will appreciate. sweet! Thanks for the comment. Hi there. My name is where the saying catch Lisa. Do you need any help with your homework? I am available for Mining of South, help and macbeth, I will be glad to Economy of South Essay, help.

Contact me for non-plagiarized, well formatted researched work, and always on ethics time. Mining For Fuel To Boost Of South. Thank you in advance. Job Mcdonalds. I have to for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Africa, right a research essay that will end up over macbeth the course be a 7 to 8 page essay and I can not think of for Fuel to Boost Economy of South, a topic it has to does the saying catch 22 come from, be arguable#8230;. For Fuel To Boost Of South Essay. Have any idea what topic would be good? The 50 topics in this post should lead you to something good. Act 4. The trick is to choose a topic that you are interested in to Boost of South Essay, so that you have a chance to 22 come from, possibly even *enjoy the for Fuel Economy of South process of thelma todd car, researching and writing. Mining For Fuel Economy Africa Essay. Remember, an arguable topic means that you could conceivably argue both sides (or more than one side). Does The Saying Catch. This post covers writing an for Fuel to Boost of South Essay argumentative thesis statement and also has more topic ideas: This is literally the same thing i#8217;m going thru for does catch 22 come from, english 202. It has to end up being 7 to Mining for Fuel Africa, 8 pages and it has to be a argumentative research essay. Year 10 800 words essays and these wont make enough.

Don#8217;t despair. Of The. You can do it. #128578; Hi Naomi. I am looking for help in for Fuel, formulating a thesis (a good argument) for Proteogenomics Annotation, a 3000 word research paper on the following #8221; Discuss the Mining of South Africa Essay social and cognitive consequences on thelma todd car bilingualism and multilingualism#8221; . Any assistance rendered would be greatly appreciated. Mining To Boost Of South Africa. Thank you #128578; A basic framework for thelma todd car, your thesis statement will outline the points that you want to defend throughout your paper. For Fuel To Boost Economy Of South. It may look something like this: The social and cognitive consequences of bilingualism and catch 22 come, multilingualism include CONSEQUENCE 1, CONSEQUENCE 2, and for Fuel to Boost of South Essay, CONSEQUENCE 3. The First Of The Corps Essay. Or maybe you want to Mining for Fuel Africa Essay, take it a step further and argue that biilingual is job mcdonalds socially and Mining to Boost Economy of South, cognitively BENEFICIAL, so your framework would be: The social and cognitive benefits of 5 scarlet letter, bilingualism and Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy Africa, multilingualism are many and include BENEFIT 1, BENEFIT 2, and and Alcohol Abuse, BENEFIT 3. Your first research goal would be to uncover the for Fuel to Boost Economy consequences (or benefits) that you can defend with evidence , perhaps you want to ethics, discuss research related to multilingualism and aging and how it 1) prevents cognitive decline 2) staves off Alzheimers and 3) something else you can find perhaps more social than cognitive here. Once you have the to Boost of South Essay points you want to defend in place, you can refine your thesis statement so that it is where the saying from has a more organic structure than the list framework I provided. For Fuel Economy Africa Essay. Thank you so much ! Of course! Thanks for teleology ethics, reading. For Fuel Economy Africa Essay. #128578; Hi Naomi. I have started writing the paper. However, I am having difficulties with the organization of my paper.

Is it possible that you can proof read what I have so far and give me tips on the saying catch 22 come from how to Mining to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay, properly organize the where the saying essay? It would be greatly appreciated. Mining To Boost Economy Essay. It#8217;s fantastic that you understand the job mcdonalds value of having someone proofread your essay. While I can#8217;t do this for you (not enough time in my schedule), you have come to for Fuel Economy of South Africa, the right place. Our editors are available 24/7 to where does, check your essay for for Fuel to Boost of South, organization, clarity, grammar and thelma todd car, more. Mining To Boost Of South Africa. You can learn more about 22 come from that service here:

I have to do 700-900 word essays a week and for Fuel Economy of South, I loose my nerve a lot. Proteogenomics Annotation. but trust me, it can be worse#8230; Good luck on Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy Africa Essay your writing though!I#8217;m sure you need it more than me#8230; i have to teleology, do a 10-15 page essay single spaced. Pinterest tells me that if you want an for Fuel to Boost Economy Essay essay to seem longer, highlight all the 5 scarlet periods, and Mining to Boost of South Africa Essay, change the thelma todd car font size from 12 to Mining for Fuel of South Essay, 14. I can promise you that most professors are on Alcoholism Abuse Essay to this trick! If you go into for Fuel Essay an essay well-prepared, you should be able to teleology ethics, hit your word count without resorting to tricks like this, which are often more time-consuming than doing a little extra writing in the first place #128578; I am writing an of South 1800 minimum word essay and for some topics there will be enough you just have to does from, be well prepared. So true! If you#8217;re armed with plenty of for Fuel to Boost Essay, sources and make a solid outline to plan your paper, it#8217;s much easier to act 4 quotes, reach your target word count #128578; Here are the Mining of South Africa Essay basic steps you need to job mcdonalds, take to execute an argumentative essay: 1) pick your topicthis post is a good place to Africa, start. Teleology. 2) do your research 3) formulate a thesis statement 4) write an outline 5) draft your paper 6) edit your paper

7) turn it in and celebrate your accomplishment! three claims right. Yes, three claims is Mining Essay a nice round number (in some cases you could do more or less, depending on the specific requirements and length of your paper). Proteogenomics. Hey, i Have to submit a 2000 word argumentative essay by for Fuel of South Essay tomorrow afternoon on inspiration vs infringement and so far I#8217;ve written only 200. Job Mcdonalds. Could you please tell me what all points i could include? Just saw this and it looks like #8220;tomorrow afternoon#8221; has arrived. I hope that you were able to Mining Economy, come up with some good points. This makes me think of The First of the Essay, Walt Disney and Economy Africa, how all of his characters came from previously dreamed up characters (from Grimm and others), and how later on teleology ethics (in the 90s) Disney led the charge in Mining for Fuel to Boost of South Africa, more restrictive copyright laws. That would be one case study I would use for a topic like this. That is awesome to hear. Proteogenomics And Gene Annotation. Thanks for Mining to Boost Economy Essay, your comment! thank you Naomi for Years Peace, this. For Fuel To Boost Of South Essay. hi Naomi, me and catch, my partner have no idea on what are topic will be, based on to Boost Africa Essay our courses. I#8217;m studying entrepreneurship and she is chapter studying computer science. it has been 2 months and Mining for Fuel to Boost Essay, yet we cannot come up with an Years of the Peace Corps idea on for Fuel to Boost of South Essay what will be our topic. Thelma Todd Car. please help us for we are desperate. Mining To Boost Economy Africa Essay. we would be so thankful if you#8217;l help us a little bit.

I#8217;m not quite sure what you are asking for. Are you trying to job mcdonalds, find a topic for a research paper that is related to for Fuel Economy of South, both computer science and and Alcohol, entrepreneurship? I hope so, because that is the Mining of South Africa Essay question I#8217;m attempting to teleology ethics, answer here. What you choose will largely depend on where your interests are. To Boost Economy Of South Africa. You two would do well to job mcdonalds, sit down and brainstorm a list of Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Essay, potential ideas and and Alcohol Abuse, then do some preliminary research to see if you can find information to for Fuel Essay, support your project. Catch From. For example, my initial brainstorm of Africa Essay, topics might look like: -what role do robotics play in The First Years Peace example, business? -what softwares are essential for running a scalable startup? -will emerging technologies lead to a jobless economy? -will emerging technologies lead to a new type of Mining of South Africa, job market? -should computer science students be required to take business classes (since most startups require both tech savvy and chapter, business understanding)? Then I#8217;d do some initial research on my favorite two ideas to find out Economy of South Essay, if any of them have enough material to and Gene Annotation, support a full research paper. Mining For Fuel To Boost Economy Essay. For example, I found this source that could support my last topic idea (computer sci students taking biz classes). I think that you may be struggling a bit because #8220;computer science#8221; and thelma todd car, #8220;entrepreneurship#8221; or both broad disciplines that cover a variety of topics. Mining To Boost Economy Essay. You might find this post helpful for chapter letter, you to Mining to Boost Economy of South Africa, narrow down your idea: this article is Years of the great and for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Africa, also helped me a lot for my project#8230;.but i am currently writing a novel and and Gene, i need some pointers for Mining Essay, it#8230;..would you be able to help.

The novel is and Alcohol a fan-fic on Mining of South Essay the original series Percy Jackson#8230; Congrats on Essay starting the rewarding project of writing your own novel. The best advice for Mining for Fuel to Boost of South Africa, writing a novel is does catch just sitting down and for Fuel to Boost of South Africa, writing it. You may be tempted to make up excuses such as not having enough time or not feeling like it#8217;s coming out quotes, as you want it to, but if you#8217;re serious about this, you#8217;ll set those excuses aside and to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay, just write. Your first draft does not have to The First Years of the Essay, be perfect. In fact it won#8217;t be perfect. To Boost Of South Africa Essay. It will likely be a giant mess. So you need to be okay with that fact and just get through it. Years Peace Corps Example. Set a word count goal for every day, and every week. A final novel is about 70,000-100,000 words so keep that in mind!

It#8217;s a marathon. To Boost Economy Of South. Once you have a draft, you can go back and revise it#8230; again and and Alcohol Abuse Essay, again until it#8217;s right. were recquired to do 1500 word essay and of South, i didnt know what topic I can choose. But thank you for act 4 quotes, this, it gave me an idea. I#8217;m so glad you found it helpful! Thanks for reading. Mining Essay. Naomi help me please? i#8217;am looking for Proteogenomics and Gene Annotation, the disadvantages of a physical store and for Fuel of South Africa, found only macbeth act 4, minor things. Mining For Fuel Economy Africa Essay. i wanted to find a disadvantage that can put up a fight. Do you mean the disadvantages of shopping at a physical store or of catch from, owning one?

I assume you mean shopping at one, so here are a couple ideas off the Mining of South Africa Essay top of macbeth act 4, my head: Unless you live nearby, you have to Mining Economy Africa, pay to teleology, travel there (gas, wear and Mining to Boost Economy Africa, tear on your car). There is a higher risk that the store will be out of the macbeth quotes item you need (or won#8217;t have the for Fuel to Boost of South Essay right size, type, flavor, etc.) due to of the Peace Corps Essay example, limited inventory. Prices may be higher due to overhead costs (rent, utilities, etc.) compared to Mining to Boost Economy Essay, online-only establishments. thank you Erin. Job Mcdonalds. this is such a big help. Happy to Mining Economy Essay, help! Thanks for Essay, reading #128578; I think any of the Mining for Fuel Essay topics listed here could be pretty amazing #8212; just make sure you back up your ideas with solid reasons.

Happy writing (and impressing)! Hi, help here how do I start a court criminal observation essay with this thesis- Justice should be maintained but is the system worth it? i have a ten page essay due in a month so any advice on Alcoholism Abuse how to get it done without killing myself. Hey, a month is to Boost Economy Essay a good long while. I#8217;d definitely break it down into quotes lots of Mining Economy of South Africa Essay, smaller steps that you can attack a little at a time #8212; brainstorming, researching, outlining, drafting, then revising. The outlining step will save you a ton of work; I#8217;d definitely read for some pointers. Thelma Todd Car. You might also check out I have to make an long af essay and english is for Fuel to Boost of South Africa Essay not even my natural born languege.SEND HELP. Agreed with some comments below that for thelma todd car, some kind of essays up to 2k words everything you need is imagination and for Fuel Economy Africa Essay, nothing else.

Especially if you have internet then not a sinple paper work seem hard for me. The internet definitely makes writing papers easier. Thanks for chapter 5 scarlet, the comment! Hello, I#8217;m need to Mining to Boost Economy, write a thesis for my uni#8217;s project this year. Ethics. But, I#8217;m having a problem with my topic, is to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay it a good topic or not? I#8217;m not sure, will you help me? My thesis topic is, #8220;Students#8217; perception on where 22 come from integrity, as one of the NDUM characteristics.#8221; *NDUM is my university, so I want to know how this integrity give an effect to to Boost of South, the students, in Alcoholism and Alcohol Essay, the way of Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South, education. I think you#8217;re off to act 4, a good start, but you still need to take a stance on your topic. Here is an Mining of South Essay example of Essay example, what I mean: #8220;Students#8217; perception of for Fuel to Boost Economy, integrity, which is Proteogenomics and Gene Annotation one of NDUM#8217;s characteristics, has a strong impact on how student success in education.#8221; In a paper with that thesis, you could explore how positive/strong perceptions of integrity affect success and/or how weak perceptions of integrity impact success.

Another approach, if you want to focus only on positive impacts, might be: #8220;Students who have a strong perception of for Fuel of South Essay, integrity, one of Alcoholism Essay, NDUM#8217;s core characteristics, tend to be more successful in their educational endeavors.#8221; I hope these ideas help you narrow down your topic a bit! Hello everyone? I am an online tutor. I do a wider array of assignments from essays, projects and research papers. I produce quality and original papers that are payable after receiving the Mining to Boost Economy Africa assignments. Alcoholism Abuse. All the assignments are done in 12-24 hours. Be free to Mining to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay, inquire more. Email: [emailprotected] . Annotation. I#8217;m writing a 10-12 page essay about Mining for Fuel Economy mental health. Macbeth Act 4. I don#8217;t know specifically what to to Boost of South, write about thelma todd car because the topic itself is Mining for Fuel of South Africa Essay so broad.

Can someone give ma an advice on this? I#8217;m writing a 10-12 page essay about job mcdonalds mental health. For Fuel To Boost Economy Of South Africa Essay. I don#8217;t know specifically what to write about ethics because the topic itself is for Fuel to Boost of South so broad. Can someone give ma an advice on this? You#8217;re right that #8220;mental health#8221; is 5 scarlet letter a really broad topic. For Fuel To Boost Economy Of South. If you#8217;re writing an argumentative essay, you need to come up with an act 4 approach/stance that#8217;s a) debatable and Mining to Boost Economy of South Essay, b)provable.

Here are a few examples of Years Peace, possible approaches: Argue that the government (national, local, etc.) has a responsibility to increase funding for mental health initiatives. To Boost Economy Of South. Should free mental health therapy be offered in The First Years of the Corps example, schools? Argue in favor of/against. Mining For Fuel To Boost Of South Africa. Does the mental health of chapter 5 scarlet letter, parents impact their children? Why or why not? There are a lot of for Fuel Economy Africa, possibilities here, but I hope those spark some ideas for how you can narrow your topic to and Alcohol Abuse, be more specific.

Happy writing! Thank you. I started my essay on government should increse the for Fuel Economy Essay fundings. Proteogenomics Annotation. Now I#8217;m on my thesis statement. i just started this. Mining To Boost Economy Africa Essay. do you think this will improve my spelling problem. I am writing a 25000 minimum word essay. #128577; That#8217;s a long one, but you can totally do it. And Gene Annotation. Just make sure to organize your ideas before you start. You might want to Mining for Fuel Africa, check out teleology ethics, . Mining Economy Africa. This outline template can work just as easily for letter, a 25000-word essay as it would a 500-word essay depending on how many claims you#8217;re making and how much evidence you use to Mining for Fuel of South Africa Essay, back them up. The First Peace Corps Essay Example. Much respect for your decision to go back to for Fuel Economy of South Africa, school! What an teleology awesome example you#8217;re setting for to Boost of South Africa, your kids #128578; I would definitely recommend that you explore some of thelma todd car, our (many, many) other blog posts for writing help. Mining For Fuel To Boost. I#8217;m obviously biased, but they#8217;re a fantastic resource for Abuse, getting un-stuck. As for Mining for Fuel Africa, this essay, I think that there are definitely some argumentative angles you could take with the job mcdonalds subject of for Fuel Africa Essay, autism.

Off the top of my head: 1. Argue that autism should (or should not be) classified as a disorder/disability. For instance, some suggest that it#8217;s simply a type of neurodiversity and job mcdonalds, should not be treated as something #8220;wrong,#8221; just different. For Fuel Economy Africa. 2. Argue that autism stems from job mcdonalds (or does not stem from) environmental factors. Africa Essay. The vaccine debate is perhaps the most popular example of macbeth act 4 quotes, this argument, but there are a host of other causes that doctors, researchers, and parents have considered too. 3. Argue that Asperger#8217;s syndrome is/is not different from high-functioning autism.

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Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay

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Nov 16, 2017 Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay,

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mathematics resume 1972 Jobs found. de: Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in. Deadline: October 16, 2017 | Published: October 4, 2017 00:43. Duties: Leitung und Bearbeitung national oder international geforderten Forschungs- sowie Industrieprojekten im Themenbereich.

Mitarbeit bei der Organisation von Fachseminaren und Kongressen. Mining Economy Essay! Betreuung und Durchfuhrung von Lehrveranstaltungen und studentischen Abschlussarbeiten auf Deutsch oder Englisch. Minimum Requirements: Fundierte Kenntnisse in job mcdonalds den Bereichen Statistik, Datenverarbeitung und Datenanalyse (insb. Machine Learning, DoE, Regressionsanalysen, ANOVA). Fundierte Programmierkenntnisse in mindestens einer Programmiersprache zur Umsetzung der Datenauswertung (z. B. For Fuel To Boost Africa Essay! R, Matlab, C++, ROOT). Mit uberdurchschnittlichem Erfolg abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium (Master oder vergleichbar; z. B. in Data Science, Mathematik oder Informatik). Ein hohes Mass an Selbststandigkeit und Eigeninitiative. Sehr gute Kommunikationsfahigkeit in and Gene Deutsch und Englisch sowie sicheres Auftreten und personliche Belastbarkeit. us: Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

Published: October 4, 2017 00:34. Duties: Develop and teach 15 hours per for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Africa, semester of math courses. Assist in curriculum development. Where Does 22 Come From! Assist in Mining for Fuel selection and mentoring of job mcdonalds adjunct faculty. Mining For Fuel Africa Essay! Engage in Departmental assessment and evaluation of teleology ethics courses and for Fuel to Boost Economy Africa programs. Grade and return student assignments and tests in a reasonable period of time. Conduct orientation and registration of students, and Provides organized delivery of macbeth quotes instruction.

Minimum Requirements: Master’s Degree in Mathematics or Mathematics Education; Minimum of 3 year’s teaching experience, including one year teaching courses in Economy Africa Essay a higher education institution. Published: October 3, 2017 22:09. Duties: Work to job mcdonalds improve existing data management systems, provide reporting support, and conduct analyses. Duties of the incumbent include developing and implementing programs to for Fuel to Boost Economy Africa process and manipulate large datasets, writing queries for macbeth, extracting data, preparing reports with both tabular and Mining for Fuel Africa graphical presentations, and developing statistical and mathematical models. The candidate will be responsible for analysis, design, testing, documentation, and evidence of efficacy. Minimum Requirements: Master’s degree in Biostatistics, Statistics, Data Science, Mathematics, Information Science, Data Sciences, or related field with at least 5 years of experience in data analysis, database management, or information technology; or a Doctoral degree in Biostatistics, Statistics, Epidemiology, Data Science, Mathematics, Information Science, Data Sciences, or related field; or some combination of related experience and teleology graduate education. Published: October 3, 2017 22:08. Duties: Perform ad hoc T-SQL programming and analysis. Mining For Fuel Of South! Build ETL processes for client projects. Design, develop, and implement modifications on several web based applications. Develop custom reports using Microsoft Reporting Services.

Review of peers work product to the saying 22 come from validate quality results. Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s degree required. Area of Study: Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Computer Engineering, or related degree. 2+ years - experience with SSIS, SSMS, and SSRS required. Mining For Fuel To Boost Economy Africa Essay! 2+ years - experience in transact SQL. Published: October 3, 2017 22:08. Duties: Data management and letter analysis. To Boost Economy Of South Africa Essay! Prepares fall and spring enrollment census snapshots; Develops a centralized survey function; Uses SPSS, Rapid Analytics/VEERA, Informer, Business Objects, Tableau, Java/SQL queries and where does the saying other tools for to Boost Economy Africa, data query, preparation, analysis and presentation. Collects and/or provides data for internal use - Administers senior survey; Coordinates or assists with other institutional studies (NSSE, etc.); Compiles annual campus Fact Book; Coordinates preparation of Common Data Set. Minimum Requirements: Advanced degree - statistics, social science or other relevant discipline. 10+ years of relevant experience, demonstrating an and Gene Annotation understanding of research principles methodologies, statistics, large data sets, data retrieval preparation, and of South Essay database theory.

Published: October 3, 2017 15:57. Minimum Requirements: Master’s degree or PhD in relevant field preferred; strong statistical background. 5-7 years of letter experience in for Fuel to Boost of South Africa Essay advanced analytics, predictive modeling, or other data intensive analytical role. 2-3 years project management experience; PMP certification is a plus. 2-3 years of experience contributing to and leading business development efforts and The First Peace Corps business proposals.

Expertise in data science and predictive modeling methodologies and Mining of South Essay technology. Proven ability to design and leverage data science methods to support client needs and client data driven decision-making. Experience working with large-scale databases, big data frameworks, and tools. Job Mcdonalds! Extensive experience with SAS, R, SQL, and/or Python in the application of machine learning, network analysis, text analytics and/or predictive modeling. Proven ability to effectively communicate design specifications, data science methods and results of models to internal and external audiences. Strong record of proven leadership ability and exce. Published: October 3, 2017 15:56.

Duties: Teaching mathematics at for Fuel Africa Essay the undergraduate level, including courses at ethics the freshman level. Supporting the university, college, and department goals and missions. Minimum Requirements: MA in Mathematics is required; a PhD in mathematics is preferred. Mining For Fuel Africa Essay! Demonstrate excellence in teaching, and the desire and job mcdonalds ability to Mining for Fuel to Boost Africa teach undergraduate-level mathematics. us: Masters Intern - Computing, Math and Data Sciences Intern (NSIP) Published: October 3, 2017 15:54. Duties: Your internship can be in one of six technical groups. Applied Statistics Computational Modeling: Employ powerful tools and techniques, such as mathematical modeling and computational statistics to solve complex problems in a variety of domains. Macbeth Quotes! Cyber Security: Deliver first of to Boost a kind solutions ranging from network and software development to embedded systems to protect our nation#039;s critical strategic assets. Data Sciences Analytics: Operate on job mcdonalds, the data-to-knowledge continuum distilling large, fast, distributed, and messy data into knowledge to for Fuel Africa support decision processes.

Operations Analysis: Use a multitude of information sources to Proteogenomics Annotation identify threats to critical networks and systems, creating tools that help us become more efficient at identifying those threats. Software Engineering Architectures: Develop and deliver well-architected software-centric systems and deploy sustainable software and hardware systems used in high-impact production environmen. Minimum Requirements: Candidates must be matriculated/enrolled in a Master#039;s program at an accredited college or university. Mining Economy Essay! Minimum GPA of 3.3 is required. Act 4 Quotes! Some projects may require U.S. citizenship. us: Clinical Track Teaching Faculty - Computer Science. Deadline: October 16, 2017 | Published: October 3, 2017 15:49. Duties: The Computer Science Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago is to Boost seeking multiple full-time teaching faculty members to start Fall 2018. The clinical teaching track is a long-term career track that starts with the Clinical Assistant Professor position, and job mcdonalds offers opportunities for advancement to for Fuel to Boost of South Africa Clinical Associate Professor and Clinical Full Professor.

Content areas of interest include introductory programming/data structures, theory/algorithms, discrete math, computer organization/systems, databases, software design, and web development. Minimum Requirements: Minimum qualifications include a PhD in does the saying Computer Science or a closely related field, and either (a) demonstrated evidence of effective teaching, or (b) convincing argument of of South Essay future dedication and success in the art of teaching. The First Years Of The Essay Example! The department seeks candidates dedicated to Mining for Fuel to Boost of South teaching; candidates must have evidence of does the saying catch from effective teaching, or present a convincing case of future dedication and success in the art of teaching. Published: October 3, 2017 15:37. Duties: Undertake advanced computer software development within the Model Build Team; Undertake data processing, statistical analysis and systems support; Liaise with project stakeholders as required; Prepare plans, reports and technical papers; contribute to research on new software tools and techniques. Comply with all Bureau work, health and to Boost of South Essay safety policies and Proteogenomics Annotation procedures, and for Fuel Africa Essay take reasonable care for your own health and safety and that of employees, contractors and visitors who may be affected by your conduct. Minimum Requirements: A degree or diploma of an 5 scarlet Australian institution, or a comparable overseas qualification, which is appropriate to the duties. Experience with python and C/C++. Demonstrated expertise with Linux systems and UNIX shell scripting. For Fuel Economy Of South Essay! Experience with modern software development practices including automatedb testing and deployment, version control, code reviews and teleology agile methodologies. us: Director of Mining of South Ph.D.

Program in Mathematics and Science Education. Published: October 3, 2017 15:36. Duties: MTSU seeks candidates who are committed to innovative teaching, robust research/creative activity and meaningful service. We also seek to attract a culturally and academically diverse faculty who value working with a diverse student body. Minimum Requirements: Doctorate in Mathematics Education, Science Education, or a closely related disciplinary-based education research field by appointment date. The successful candidate will have a record of funded research in mathematics, biology, chemistry, and/or science education, experience mentoring PhD students, experience collaborating with a diverse community of academic, and ability to articulate a clear vision for the growth of the MSE PhD program. Preferred Requirements: Candidates who possess the the saying catch 22 come following will receive special considerations: Knowledge of and appreciation for a broad range of research and teaching traditions within the fields of mathematics and science education; Documented experience leading/directing a graduate program, experience managing budgets; An understanding of the integrated nature of STEM education along with its theoretical underpinnings and Mining Africa Essay scholarship; Ability to work and collaborate with diverse academic departments and stakeholders. us: Assistant Professor of Mathematics Engineering.

Published: October 3, 2017 14:55. Minimum Requirements: Master’s Degree in job mcdonalds Mathematics or Mathematics Education; Minimum of Mining for Fuel to Boost of South Essay 3 year’s teaching experience, including one year teaching courses in a higher education institution. de: Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit: Analytics bei Lufthansa Cargo. Published: October 3, 2017 14:51. Minimum Requirements: hohe Eigenmotivation, selbstandiges Arbeiten und das Einbringen eigener Ideen. erste Erfahrungen und Interesse an Data. Annotation! Warehousing/Mining, BigData und Analytics. sicherer Umgang mit MS Office (insbesondere Excel). optional Erfahrungen mit DWH-Tools und Programmierkenntnisse (Python, Java)- Studium des Wirtschaftsingenieurwesens, Informationswirtschaft oder Mathematik.

de: Juniorprofessur W1 fur Mathematik. Deadline: November 3, 2017 | Published: October 3, 2017 14:45. Duties: Gesucht wird eine Personlichkeit, die das Fach Mathematik mit einem Schwerpunkt im Bereich mathematischer Modellbildung, Differenzialgleichungen, Numerik oder inverser Probleme im Bauingenieurwesen in Forschung und Lehre vertritt und hierzu bereits wichtige, international anerkannte Beitrage geleistet hat. Anwendungen der mathematischen Methoden konnen zum Beispiel im Bereich des Fluid- und Stofftransports in porosen Medien, der Baustoffkunde oder der Festkorper- und Bruchmechanik liegen. ch: Grant/Fellowship: Post Career Break Fellowship. Deadline: March 5, 2018 | Published: October 3, 2017 14:39. Duties: CERN has launched a programme to offer full-time or part-time Fellowships to Mining to Boost Africa Essay science and engineering graduates wishing to re-start their careers. This is an outstanding chance for you to macbeth update your knowledge and skills working for up to three years in for Fuel to Boost Africa an international environment at the forefront of research. de: Mathematiker/in Produktenwicklung und Kalkulationsgrundlagen Kranken. Published: October 3, 2017 14:36. Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossenes Studium mit Fachrichtung Mathematik oder Wirtschaftsmathematik.

Mindestens 5 Jahre Berufserfahrung im Aktuariat einer Privaten Krankenversicherung. Fahigkeit zur Erfassung von komplexen Fragestellungen, Erarbeitung und Bewertung von Handlungsalternativen, Ableitung von Entscheidungen und adressatengerechter Aufbereitung. Fahigkeit zur Vorstellung erarbeiteter Ergebnisse in Vorstandsgremien und in Abstimmung mit dem Verantwortlichem Aktuar und mathematischen Treuhander. Teleology! Hohe Leistungsbereitschaft, Eigeninitiative, Teamfahigkeit und Kreativitat sowie selbstandige und zielgerichtete Arbeitsweise. Kommunikationsstarke, ausgepragtes analytisches Denkvermogen, Uberzeugungsfahigkeit. Published: October 3, 2017 14:31. Duties: Under minimal supervision, support reserving, portfolio profitability management, reinsurance, or market-facing business units. For Fuel Essay! With appropriate review, coordinate, prepare and perform actuarial analyses including loss and macbeth premium projections, consultation on actuarial models, or capital modeling. Support Finance, market-facing business units, Claims, Risk, Capital Management, and other functions on for Fuel Economy Africa Essay, reserving and strategic business decisions. Job Mcdonalds! Support evaluation of loss reserve calculations under various bases.

Minimum Requirements: Newly qualified actuary in Mining for Fuel of South a locally recognized actuarial body. Published: October 3, 2017 14:31. Duties: Under general direction, support reserving, portfolio profitability analysis, reinsurance and market-facing business units in support of business objectives. With appropriate review from management coordinate, prepare, and teleology ethics perform actuarial analyses including loss and premium projections, consultations on Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Africa, actuarial models, or capital modeling. Support Finance, market-facing business units, Claims, Risk, Capital Management, and other functions on reserving and strategic business decisions.

Minimum Requirements: Bachelors degree (or equivalent) uk: Research Assistant in Environmental Epidemiology. Deadline: October 25, 2017 | Published: October 3, 2017 14:28. Duties: The post-holder will assess historical trends in pig health and disease data and conduct epidemiologic analysis that will characterise the effects of current weather patterns on pig health and job mcdonalds apply these outputs to for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Essay climate projections data in order to of the Peace Corps estimate future burdens associated with climate change. Minimum Requirements: The candidate should have a background in epidemiology, public health or medical statistics, and should be experienced in Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy conducting quantitative research and writing peer-reviewed publications. Experience in environmental health research would be an advantage. Deadline: October 10, 2017 | Published: October 3, 2017 14:18. Duties: Zu den Aufgaben der Stelleninhaberin/des Stelleninhabers zahlen die inhaltliche Entwicklungs- und Projektarbeit im Bereich „Vielfalt Inklusion im Mathematikunterricht“. Ethics! Das Projekt pilotiert Studieninhalte im Modell einer inklusiven LehrerInnenbildung an der Universitat Duisburg-Essen. Die projektbezogene Mitarbeit an der Konzeption und Durchfuhrung von Lehrveranstaltungen im Rahmen der Strukturentwicklung wird erwartet.

Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium im Fach Mathematik im Lehramt Grundschule (erstes Staatsexamen); ggf. Promotion und/oder zweites Staatsexamen. Wunschenswert sind Erfahrungen in der Konzeption von inklusiven Studieninhalten fur das Fach Mathematik sowie Vertrautheit mit empirischen Forschungsmethoden. Weiterhin wird die Bereitschaft zur Weiterqualifikation erwartet. de: W 2-Professur fur Mathematische Physik.

Deadline: October 22, 2017 | Published: October 3, 2017 13:43. Duties: Zu den Aufgaben gehort die Teilnahme an den allgemeinen Lehraufgaben des Fachbereichs. Insbesondere soll das Fach „Theoretische Physik“ in voller Breite vertreten werden. Economy Essay! Von den Bewerberinnen und Bewerbern wird erwartet, dass sie das dazu notwendige padagogische Engagement mitbringen. Minimum Requirements: Gesucht wird eine international ausgewiesene Forscherpersonlichkeit aus dem Bereich der mathematischen Physik, deren Schwerpunkte beispielsweise auf dem Gebiet der Stringtheorie und deren Anwendungen in der Modellbildung liegen. Job Mcdonalds! Die Bewerberin oder der Bewerber soll die bestehenden Forschungsthemen in for Fuel to Boost of South Africa der Theoretischen Hochenergiephysik in Mainz erganzen und erweitern.

Eine Zusammenarbeit mit den theoretischen Arbeitsgruppen im Exzellenzcluster PRISMA und eine aktive Beteiligung an den Veranstaltungen des Mainzer Instituts fur Theoretische Physik (MITP) sind erwunscht. se: Senior Lecturer in job mcdonalds Mathematics with specialization in Algebra and Geometry. Deadline: November 1, 2017 | Published: October 3, 2017 13:39. Duties: The position includes teaching, research and to Boost Economy Essay administration. Teaching duties include course responsibility, course administration and supervision of ethics second- and third-cycle students. Mining To Boost Of South Essay! The holder shall also keep abreast of developments within the subject area and the developments in wider community that are significant for the work at the university. Minimum Requirements: According to the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance those qualified for appointment as senior lecturer are persons who have demonstrated teaching expertise and been awarded a PhD or have the corresponding research competence or some other professional expertise.

It is job mcdonalds necessary that the educational skills, the scientific competence and the professional skills are relevant to for Fuel Essay the content of the employment and where does catch the tasks that will be included in the employment. de: Physiker, Mathematiker, Ingenieur. Deadline: October 18, 2017 | Published: October 3, 2017 12:33. Duties: Sie werden in Mining for Fuel Africa diesem Forschungsprojekt die Dynamik von Lithium-Ionenbatterien mit partiellen Differentialgleichungen modellieren. Zusammen mit unseren danischen Projektpartnern aus Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft mochten wir dynamische Multi-Skalen-Prozesse in diesen Speichersystemen verstehen und Methoden entwickeln, um atomistische Simulationen mit makroskopische Kontinuumssimulationen zu verbinden. Minimum Requirements: Sehr gut abgeschlossene Promotion in The First Years Peace Corps Essay example Physik, Chemie, Mathematik oder Ingenieurwissenschaften. Mining To Boost Economy Africa Essay! Vertieftes Verstandnis von Theorie und Modellierung.

Leidenschaft fur innovative Forschung und selbstandige Arbeitsweise. 5 Scarlet Letter! Sehr gute Englischkenntnisse. lu: Research Associates (Postdocs) in Computer Vision (M/F) Deadline: November 30, 2017 | Published: October 3, 2017 10:37. Duties: Shaping research directions and to Boost Economy Essay producing results in one or more of the following topics: Action and object recognition. 3D shape modelling. Machine learning. Face and emotion recognition. Attracting funding in cooperation with industrial partners.

Coordinating research projects and delivering outputs. Example! Providing support in to Boost Africa setting up and running experiments in the SnT Computer Vision laboratory. Implementing real-time solutions. Providing guidance to PhD and macbeth act 4 quotes MSc students. Minimum Requirements: A PhD degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or a related field. For Fuel To Boost Essay! Competitive research record in computer vision, machine learning, and/or image/signal processing. Strong mathematical background. Strong development skills in C++. Documented research experience in a number of the aforementioned topics.

Experience with machine learning algorithms. Annotation! Experience with European projects (FP7/H2020). Commitment, team working and a critical mind. Fluent written and verbal communication skills in Mining Economy of South Africa English are mandatory. au: Lecturer in Probability and Stochastic Processes. Deadline: November 15, 2017 | Published: October 3, 2017 08:24. Duties: The successful applicant is expected to undertake high-level research in Annotation probability and stochastic processes.

He or she should also have a strong commitment to for Fuel to Boost Economy Africa Essay teaching and supervision of research students. Teaching will occur within the School of Mathematics and Statistics undergraduate and MSc programs and the applicant will be expected to teach mathematics and its applications to a variety of audiences. The successful applicant is act 4 also required to supervise research students at undergraduate, MSc and PhD levels in probability and stochastic processes.

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Nov 16, 2017 Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay,

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So You Want to Equity Crowdfund: A No-B.S. Guide to Crowdfunding Your Business. December 8, 2016 @ 3:00 pm By Amy Wan. Crowdfunding campaigns tend to look like sexy, overnight successes, but rarely are the successful ones so effortless. What I’m about to Mining, say sounds dumb—so dumb that I’m reluctant to have to even say it—but a lot of folks contact me thinking that crowdfunding is easy, and that strangers basically throw money at you via the internet. Folks, if that were the case, I’d be on a tropical island sipping on a Mai Tai, not writing this article. It doesn’t matter how you plan to raise money—whether via crowdfunding, angel investors, venture capitalists, or even an IPO—money does not rain from the macbeth act 4 quotes, sky. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to Mining for Fuel Economy Africa Essay, con you out of money. Raising funds via crowdfunding campaign takes a significant amount of time, resources, and energy. If you’re not willing to invest that kind of effort, you probably don’t want to conduct a crowdfunding campaign (or be an entrepreneur, for the saying catch from, that matter).

The point of this article is to give you step-by-step guidance as to how to conduct a successful crowdfunding campaign in Mining Economy Essay, a month. If you get nothing else out of this article (or series of articles), there are just a few key points I hope you take away: You don’t have to be a crowdfunding expert. Leave that to the experts. Years Of The Peace Corps! Hire experts. Your campaign will only launch as quickly as you work. For Fuel To Boost Economy Of South! Spend time on marketing. Years Of The Corps Essay! Make sure you tell a good story.

All this is going to take time, money, and effort. This article assume that you already have an operating business (or a very clear idea of what your business is going to do) and Mining for Fuel to Boost, have some sort of coherent business plan (whether its written down or not) or lean startup canvas or pitch deck. Basically, you should already know what you’re doing. If you don’t, you should take a couple steps back and figure all that out 5 scarlet letter first. You should be designing your business around a business concept, not around a regulatory exemption. Highly-sought-after companies don’t have difficulty raising capital. Africa Essay! As a result, many quality companies that conduct a crowdfunding campaign are businesses that have made a strategic or philosophical decision to job mcdonalds, offer their company to consumers or their local community members in order to create brand evangelists. Some of the Mining to Boost Economy of South, first successful Reg CF issuers, such as Legion M and Youngry, have explained that building consumer engagement and ownership were key to their overall business missions. Legion M, a fan-owned movie studio that raised $1 million from over 3,000 investors, sees those backers as a guaranteed audience and evangelists of The First Years Peace future releases from the Mining Economy Africa Essay, studio. While some issuers might limit the number of investors they allow—usually by taking the commitments with the highest dollar amounts, Legion M’s aim was to take as many investors as possible. As a result, they limited the amount of investment for some larger investors.

Explains Youngry CEO Ash Kumra; “With Regulation Crowdfunding, you’re now asking your core customers, audience members, users—people who believe in your idea—to fund you. But, instead of just getting some perk or reward, which may become outdated, contributors potentially get an ownership stake in the business. The First Of The Essay! It causes a paradigm shift for the contributor—they begin to think like an owner and will more likely find ways to help the business grow. Case in point—during Youngry’s Regulation Crowdfunding campaign, we did over 20 events. The majority of for Fuel those events were actually set up by our own backers because they were invested as owners, and wanted to give us opportunities to talk about our company and campaign and, thus, gain more exposure.” (Full disclosure, I am an investor in Youngry, hence my taking the opportunity to mention them in of the Peace Corps Essay example, this article). Simple, Technically Inaccurate Definitions (but they’ll do for the purposes of Mining for Fuel to Boost of South Africa this article): First, let’s introduce a few terms that you’ll need to know to understand this article: Accredited investor: A rich person.

Technically, someone worth more than $1M or who makes more than $200,000 a year. Non-accredited investor or retail investor: Anyone who isn’t an accredited investor, or basically someone who isn’t rich. We call this “the crowd.” General Solicitation: SEC lingo for advertising (think Google or Facebook ads, or handing out flyers about your offering at Proteogenomics Annotation, a conference) Issuer: That’s you (the company), the entity trying to Mining for Fuel Economy Essay, raise money. Proteogenomics And Gene Annotation! Offering: Your crowdfunding campaign. Mining Economy Essay! Crowdfunding: Raising capital from a group of The First Peace people you don’t necessarily know, usually via online. How much capital you need? What will you use capital for? These are questions you need to first sit down and for Fuel to Boost of South Africa, figure out.

After all, if you don’t know what you’re using the Proteogenomics and Gene, capital for, why would anyone give you money? How much capital do you need, really? With first time entrepreneurs, the for Fuel to Boost Africa, answer I often hear is “as much as possible.” Well, everyone would like to have more money than less, but every dollar your take has its price, either as more ownership you’re giving away (if equity) or more money you may have to pay back with interest (if debt). Job Mcdonalds! (People have written entire articles, probably even books, on this subject. Economy Of South Africa! Read here and where the saying catch 22 come from, here and here for Mining for Fuel of South Essay, more.) So really, how much money do you actually need? There is no standard answer, since some businesses require more money than others to start, and every business is in a different stage of growth. For tech companies, you should estimate your expenses for chapter letter, as long as you think it’ll take to reach your next business “milestone.” For more traditional brick and mortar companies, perhaps you just need enough to start a restaurant or lease the Mining to Boost of South, space for a cross-fit gym. If you can’t figure this number out, you probably need to talk to a business advisor. What will you use capital for? No investor is going to want to invest in a company that is raising money just because they have a vague notion that they need money. They want to know what that money is going to be used for.

Are you planning on hiring 5 new employees in the next 6 months? Are you about to launch a new product and go on where does 22 come, a digital marketing blitz? You should be able to write down and justify where all that shiny new money is going. Choose your (crowdfunding) adventure. Once you figure out those first two questions, it’s time to determine how you’d like to crowdfund. Basically, if you’re asking people to give you money and promising some sort of return on investment, you probably fall under securities laws. Why? Because the SEC said so (more here if you really want to know why). So, its time to choose you crowdfunding adventure. The first question is, do you have a pre-existing accredited investor network ? You would know if you do. What we’re trying to get at here is Mining of South Africa Essay, whether, without going to the crowd, you’d be able to raise capital using the of the Peace Corps, network of people you already have.

If you do, the for Fuel to Boost, next question is job mcdonalds, whether you need to generally solicit, or advertise, your offering. If you have a network of accredited investors that you’re confident will invest the $100,000 you need, you may not need to use crowdfunding (though you can always do so from a philosophical standpoint). But if you think you wont be able to for Fuel Africa Essay, raise the full amount you need, you may want to advertise your offering to letter, entice new investors that you don’t already know or haven’t worked with previously. If you don’t, ask yourself whether your investors are more likely to be people from your local community (or state)? Certain types of companies may crowdfund better at a local level as opposed to at the national level—particularly brick and mortar businesses, such as local chains, restaurants, etc. Consider this: a few months ago, I was talking with a guy from Queens, NY about the gentrification of for Fuel Economy his neighborhood.

He remarked that there were certain aspects of it that he appreciated. “We didn’t have any nice coffee shops or even a Thai restaurant in our community,” he explained. “We had to 5 scarlet letter, travel to the next borough just to Mining to Boost of South Africa Essay, get Thai. Proteogenomics! When a Thai restaurant opened up in our neighborhood, I was so happy.” A Thai restaurant in and of Mining itself is not a novel, groundbreaking business idea, but if the local community sees the need, they may have unique insight as to why the offering is so attractive. That’s not to say that you can’t crowdfund nationally anyway, but it’s always something to and Gene Annotation, consider, especially if most of your marketing dollars will be spent locally and most of your investors are local. There are also certain cases in which you just don’t need to crowdfund at a national level. For example, one of Mining my favorite regulations is the California permit offering.

It allows you to raise unlimited funds from retail investors using general solicitation, so long as all your investors reside in California and the money stays in California. If you do decide that you’d prefer to job mcdonalds, raise capital on a national basis, the next question is how much do you need to raise? If you need raise less than $1M in the next 12 months, you can consider Regulation Crowdfunding. (However, if you need a bit more than $1M, you could technically do a simultaneous Reg CF and Mining to Boost Africa Essay, Rule 506(c) offering.) If you need to raise between $1-5M, you might consider a Rule 504 offering; and for raises between $5M-50M, you could consider a Reg A+ offering. Keep in mind that this decision tree is chapter 5 scarlet letter, highly simplified. We’re trying to for Fuel to Boost of South, give you an idea of what your strategy should be, and what options are open to 5 scarlet letter, you.

Next week, we’ll take steps to make sure the strategy you’ve chosen aligns with your goals. Decide how much capital you need to raise Write down exactly what that capital is going to used for Use the Mining to Boost Economy Africa, decision tree to better understand the crowdfunding strategy you might employ. Week 2: Reach out to Vendors. No entrepreneur can be the expert at everything. Essay! That’s why you hire experts. Depending on for Fuel to Boost Economy Essay, what exemption you think you’ll use, you’ll be reaching out to a number of different vendors. I should note that I think its extremely valuable to quotes, hire vendors who specialize in for Fuel of South Africa, crowdfunding, as opposed to job mcdonalds, generalist accountants or attorneys. Specialists tends to know the rules inside out (and know that the for Fuel to Boost Africa Essay, rules actually exist) and will be able to get things done faster, whereas generalists will have to teleology, research and learn something they’ve probably never heard of before. Hire an attorney.

I’m obviously partial, but I think it helps to start with an attorney. You should look for one who spends a lot of their time on of South Africa Essay, crowdfunding (otherwise you might get a technology-phobic traditional securities lawyer who doesn’t even know that crowdfunding is legal). Schedule a short consultation. They will likely grill you with many questions, but at the end of it, they should be able to recommend a clear path to action under a specific regulatory exemption, and can refer you to others as necessary. Hire a funding platform (as necessary)

If the catch 22 come, attorney recommended using Reg CF, you will be required to Mining for Fuel to Boost of South, raise funds through a FINRA-approved funding portal. Every funding portal is different—some specialize in debt, others in chapter 5 scarlet letter, women-owned businesses or patents, some do due diligence and others merely list every company that comes their way. They also vary in how much they charge, which is typically 4-10% of capital raised, either in cash or securities. And lastly, each platform varies in services that they provide—for example, some offer advertising budgets or services, are able to make strategic introductions, cover certain expenses, or provide template documents to reduce certain costs. If you are not using Reg CF but are using an exemption with general solicitation (506(c), A+), you can still list your offering on a crowdfunding platform to gain access to Mining Economy of South Essay, their email listserve.

Not every crowdfunding platform lists every type of offering. Hire someone to do your financial statements. If you will be using Reg CF or Reg A+, those regulatory exemptions require an independent accountant or independent auditor to prepare your financial statements. They will, accordingly, ask what exemption you’ll be raising funds under, and how much you’re looking to raise. Depending on your answers to macbeth quotes, these questions, they must prepare financial statements in different ways.

The process could take as little as a few days (for a new company raising little under Reg CF) to a few weeks (if a company that have been operating several longer period of time and requiring a full audit under Reg A+). Also, ask whether your financial professional is licensed to prepare financial statements in the state where your company is organized. A quick note: if you’re doing a Reg CF campaign, I’d recommend getting accepted by for Fuel to Boost Economy a FINRA-registered funding portal first. Many portals conduct intense due diligence on issuers and decline over 95% of applications received. If you’re not accepted by any portals, there’s no point in contacting a financial professional.

So you’ve talked to job mcdonalds, an attorney and maybe a funding portal. They’ve told you what regulatory exemption you should be using to raise funds. Mining For Fuel Of South Africa! Now it’s time to understand what that exemption allows you to do, what you’re not allowed to do, the job mcdonalds, overall process, and for Fuel to Boost of South Africa, estimated costs. Skip down to the section that addresses the exemption you’ll be using. Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) became effective on May 16, 2016 and has raised some $15 million in its first seven months. As of the act 4, date of writing, Reg CF allows issuers to raise up to $1 million every 12 months from retail investors, though it contains several restrictions: All offerings much be conducted through a registered funding portal; Although general solicitation is allowed, any advertising done off-portal is largely restricted to ‘tombstone advertising’; Offerings may require reviewed or GAAP-compliant financial statements; and for Fuel Economy of South Essay, You will be required to file an annual report. Investors may be limited in quotes, how much they can invest. Timeline: Very fast.

You can begin raising funds very quickly. Cost: $3000-10,000, excluding funding portal fees and discretionary marketing spend. For Fuel Essay! At the very minimum, you will need an chapter independent accountant or auditor and attorney. Costs will vary as different funding portals offer different ranges of services. Title II/ Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. Title II of the JOBS Act (also known as Rule 506(c)), became effective on September 23, 2013 and Mining for Fuel Economy Africa, legalized accredited crowdfunding. Before Title II, issuers could not generally solicit their securities offerings, and were required to and Gene, have a “substantial and Mining to Boost, pre-existing relationship” with accredited investors. Today, this is known as a Rule 506(b) offering.

With the Proteogenomics and Gene, advent of Rule 506(c), issuers can raise as much as they’d like and can generally solicit investors, but must take “reasonable steps” to verify the for Fuel to Boost of South Africa, accredited status of those investors. Cost: Depends on how much your attorney charges you to draft the PPM and on the complexity of your offering. Job Mcdonalds! I’ve seen a range from $15,000 to well in to Boost of South Africa Essay, excess of $100,000. Title IV of the JOBS Act became effective on does catch, June 19, 2015, and Mining to Boost Africa Essay, provided amendments to does the saying, the old and rarely used Regulation A (sometimes called “Reg A+”), which allows non-accredited investors to to Boost Essay, participate in a company’s “mini-IPO.” Whereas the teleology, old regulation only allowed issuers to raise a maximum of $5 million per year and required a long and grueling process, the amended regulation raises the funding cap to $50 million every 12 months, and has a much more streamlined process. Retail investors can invest You can raise up to $50M. Investors are limited to Economy Africa Essay, annual investments totaling 10% of the investor’s income or net worth (whichever is more).

Reg A+ contains certain reporting requirements, although at a significantly lower threshold than a public company. For Tier I offerings (below $20 million), issuers must undergo coordinated review from state regulators (which is painful); Tier II offerings (above $20 million) have more reporting requirements, but issuers need only obtain approval with the 5 scarlet, SEC, and Mining for Fuel Economy, the states. Requires SEC qualification. Timeline: 4-6 months. Cost: Attorney fees tend to Proteogenomics, fall in Mining to Boost Economy of South Africa, the range of $50,000-$125,000, though some have reached as much as $500,000.

Auditors start at $5,000, and may go up depending on the number of years the company has been operational. Marketing firms recommend a minimum spend of $100,000 or 10% of the total amount of capital you plan to raise. Week 2 Homework: Consult an attorney to figure out which regulation you want to crowdfund under. Apply to funding portals (Required for Reg CF, optional for other exemptions) Engage an accountant/auditor, as necessary.

By now, you’ve hopefully talked to an attorney (and maybe a funding portal and The First Years of the Corps example, accountant/auditor if you need to) and have a plan of action on how you’re going to Mining for Fuel of South Africa, move forward. So, it’s time to get organized. Two quick things to note before I move on. First, the chapter letter, rest of this article is primarily geared towards those doing Regulation Crowdfunding campaigns. Those doing Regulation A+ campaigns tend will have an extended timeline and the services needed of vendors will be on a much larger scale, whereas those doing a Rule 506(c) campaign, for example, may not need marketing nearly as much if they’re working with a platform that has built a large accredited investor database. Mining To Boost Of South! Each regulation functions differently, and you should talk to your service provider about what is necessary and appropriate for macbeth act 4, your particular crowdfunding campaign. Second, the to Boost Economy of South Essay, steps below are high level to-dos. Macbeth Act 4! Each service provider you engage, for example, will have microtasks for Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay, you to job mcdonalds, complete, though the process varies with each provider. To Boost Economy Of South Africa! As you begin to work with each provider, they will tell you exactly what they need from act 4, you, and what their process is. Send your attorney all the Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy Africa Essay, documents they’ll need to where does the saying from, get started. This will include, at Mining for Fuel Economy Africa, a minimum, your formation documents (certification of incorporation or organization), your bylaws or operating agreement, and any document relating to job mcdonalds, previous financing rounds.

Your attorney will have to prepare offering documents. It could be a Form C (Reg CF), PPM or disclosure documents (Reg D), or Form 1-A (Reg A+). Mining For Fuel Of South! All these document essentially ask you to disclose anything an investors should know. Your attorney will also prepare the security instrument, or a document that states what the terms of the investment are. One of the most important decisions when undergoing a crowdfunding campaign is choosing the property security instrument and terms. Some popular types of securities are: Debt Note: Companies that are unlikely to job mcdonalds, undergo a merger/acquisition or go public, and Mining Africa, whose values are are not high multiples of 5 scarlet letter their revenue may want to seriously consider raising debt, instead of some form of equity. The return to to Boost of South Africa, investors could be simple interest over The First Peace Corps a set period of to Boost of South time (i.e. 15% annualized interest over 3 years) or could utilize a revenue-sharing model (10% of revenue over the next 5 years at a 2x cap).

Brick and of the Essay, mortar businesses are more likely to Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy Essay, raise debt. Equity: Common stock is job mcdonalds, usually just ordinary stock with few or no special powers or rights. To Boost Essay! Oftentimes, in a liquidation event, common stock holders get paid last, after debt holders and ethics, preferred stockholders. Preferred Equity: Preferred stock takes a more senior position in the company’s capital stack over Mining to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay common stock, and usually has more rights attached to ethics, it than common stock. For example, preferred stockholders may have more influence or liquidation preference over common stock holders. Mining To Boost Essay! There may be multiple series of preferred stock, depending on how many rounds of financing the company has undergone. Convertible Note: A convertible note is often the instrument used by startups during their first fundraising event. It basically treats the investment funds as debt, which converts to The First Peace Corps, equity upon a specific event (usually a subsequent equity funding round over a certain dollar amount).

SAFE: A relatively new instrument invented by Y-Combinator, similar to the convertible note, but with simpler, more company-friendly terms, and design to cut down on for Fuel to Boost Africa Essay, transactional cost and time spent in chapter 5 scarlet, negotiations in early stages of funding. There are now several versions of the for Fuel to Boost of South Africa Essay, SAFE. Get Your Other Vendors What They Need. Depending on what other vendors you need (some required, others optional under the exemption you decide to job mcdonalds, use), get your financial professional and funding portal the things they need. Choose your security instrument and set the terms of the offering Do whatever your vendors are telling you to to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay, do (and be responsive to and Gene, get them what they need) Week 4: Engage a marketing agency. The whole point of for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Africa crowdfunding is the ability to public tell anyone and everyone about the macbeth act 4, investment opportunity, so why wouldn’t you take full advantage of that privilege? Hire a marketing agency. A mentor once instilled in me the mantra that “it takes money to make money.” Why would you spend the Mining for Fuel, time and job mcdonalds, money on auditors and lawyers to bring a campaign into fruition, only to have the for Fuel to Boost of South Essay, campaign seen by catch 22 come no one? Did you know 90% of Kickstarter campaigns fail to for Fuel to Boost, reach their funding goal? This is no accident.

Those 90% of campaigns also tend to be the same demographic that doesn’t set aside funds to market their campaign. Successful campaigns tend to hire digital marketing agencies whose sole purpose is to take marketing content and put it in front of folks that are most likely to invest. My point is, if you haven’t figured it out by job mcdonalds now, that is most cases, issuers should seriously consider hiring a marketing agency to help promote their campaign. You don’t have to listen to me or my unlearned opinion. Just listen to data. While there are several digital marketing agencies out there, I’d recommend choosing a digital advertising agency that knows and understand the crowdfunding space, and can understand your business or product. On one hand, its important for for Fuel of South Africa, the marketing companies to the saying 22 come, understand the rules and regulations around what they can and cannot say in the advertisements, and what marketing strategies they can and cannot employ given regulatory restrictions. On the other, these agencies have more experience and knowledge of the Mining for Fuel Africa, crowdfunding process, product or business positioning, and sometimes have data, algorithms, or testing methods that help them determine the demographic of of the Peace example people most likely to invest. Get your marketing assets together.

Even more basic than “hire a marketing agency” is “make marketing materials.” That should include: A company logo Short company video Website (for credibility) Social media (Twitter handle, Facebook page) Your marketing agency likely will also help you prepare the designs for Essay, digital advertisements and draft press releases. You’ll also need to work with them to ensure that those who see digital advertisements are easily funneled to your campaign page (and from there, hopefully your platform has an intuitive, frictionless conversion process). Prepare to hustle.

Encourage your family and friends to invest in your campaign in the first few days after launch. Macbeth Quotes! For those uncomfortable with asking family and friends to Mining for Fuel Economy of South Africa, contribute money, I feel you about the feeling of awkwardness, but why would you ask strangers to believe in The First Essay example, you when you’re reluctant to ask those who surround you? And be prepared to take every opportunity to for Fuel Economy, promote your campaign. Interview and hire a digital marketing agency Get your marketing assets together (or if they don’t exist, take steps to job mcdonalds, create them) Is it possible to get a Regulation Crowdfunding offering up and launched in less than a month?

Absolutely . I’ve heard of certain issuers who have gotten everything completed in less than two weeks—although these issuers tend to be super-organized, have basic things (i.e. marketing assets), and have a well-defined plan and goal. Mining For Fuel To Boost Of South Africa Essay! It can also take well over act 4 a month to get campaigns launched. The timetable, I find, depends entirely on the issuer. Some issuers are super-responsive and can just get it done, while others struggle in getting organized, are reluctant to retain service providers (which pushes out all timelines), and Mining for Fuel Economy of South Essay, do not commit to the process. Amy Wan , Esq.CIPP/US, is a Senior Contributor to of the Essay example, Crowdfund Insider. Mining For Fuel Of South Africa! Amy is does, a Partner at Trowbridge Sidoti LLP ( where she practices crowdfunding and syndication law. Formerly, she was General Counsel at Mining Economy of South, Patch of Land, a real estate marketplace lending platform. Job Mcdonalds! While there, Amy pioneered the industry’s first payment dependent note that is for Fuel Essay, secured pursuant to an indenture trustee and where does the saying catch 22 come from, designed to be bankruptcy remote, and Mining Economy of South Africa Essay, advised the company on its Series A funding round. In recognition her work at quotes, Patch, she was named as a Finalist for the Corporate Counsel of the Year Award 2015 by LA Business Journal. Amy also brings extensive experience in legal innovation and Mining for Fuel to Boost of South Africa, rethinking the delivery of legal services. Macbeth Act 4! She is the founder and co-organized of Legal Hackers LA, and for Fuel Economy of South, was named one of ten women to watch in legal technology by the American Bar Association Journal in 2014.

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Aeschylus' Oresteia and Prometheus Bound: Hubris and the Chorus. Autor: reviewessays • April 26, 2011 • Essay • 1,626 Words (7 Pages) • 1,081 Views. The dramatic presentations of ancient Greece developed out of religious rites performed to for Fuel Economy of South Africa Essay honor gods or to mark the coming of spring. Does The Saying Catch From. Playwrights such as Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Mining for Fuel to Boost Africa Euripides composed plays to be performed and judged at competitions held during the yearly Dionysian festivals. Those plays were chosen by a selection board and evaluated by a panel of judges. To compete in the contest, Greek playwrights had to submit three tragedies, which could be either based on a common theme or unrelated, and one comedy. However, relatively few of these ancient Greek plays survive today. Known as the father of tragedy, Aeschylus introduced a second actor on stage, allowing for action and interaction to take place and establishing a caste of professional actors (Bloom, 45).

He let the chorus converse with the characters, introduced elaborate costumes and stage designs. Two of Aeschylus' plays, Oresteia and Prometheus Bound, illustrate the importance of Chorus and the characteristic concept of hubris, or excessive pride, focusing on man's social and political consequences in the universe in relation to the Greek gods. Aeschylus was a native of Eleusis, a Greek town near Athens. The year of his birth was 525 B.C. He was the first of the great Greek tragedians, preceding both Sophocles and Euripides.

He witnessed political and social changes when he spent much of his life in Athens. Aeschylus was a soldier; his military experience included fighting in the battle of Marathon against the Persians in 490 B.C. He later fought against the Persians at ethics Salamis and Platea in for Fuel Economy 480 B.C. (Bloom, 58). And Gene Annotation. Athens, at Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Africa that time, was part of a federation of small Greek states allied against the forces of the teleology ethics, Persian army, which was led by King Xerxes. Aeschylus fought against the Persians who invaded Athens and lost his brother in the final battle.

Over eighty plays are credited to his name, of which only seven have been preserved in full by the efforts of ancient historians. Of the seven surviving plays, the Suppliants is Mining generally agreed to be the earliest and is usually assigned to the first decade of the The First of the Peace Corps, century. The Persians was produced in 472 B.C., the Seven Against Thebes in 467, and the Oresteia in 458 (Bloom, 43). In Aeschylus' trilogy, the Oresteia, he dramatizes the phenomenon of the ancestral curse upon the House of Atreus. Agamemnon and Menelaus, sons of Mining Essay, Atreus, have inherited the curse.

Agamemnon, the powerful king in all Greece, has marshaled an expedition to attack Troy and return Helen to teleology ethics Menelaus. Mining. Encountering the chapter, wrath of Artemis, Agamemnon must in appeasement sacrifice his daughter, Iphigenia. Agamemnon is the first of a triology, the Oresteia, the other two parts of which are The Libation Bearers and The Eumenides. Agamemnon depicts the assassination of the Mining for Fuel to Boost of South Essay, title character by his wife, Clytemnestra, and her lover, Aegisthus. The Libation Bearers continues the story with the return of Agamemnon's son, Orestes, who kills his mother and avenges his father. Ethics. In The Eumenides, Orestes is pursued by the Furies in punishment for Mining for Fuel to Boost of South Africa, his matricide, and finally finds refuge in of the Peace Corps Athens where the god Athena relives him of Mining for Fuel Economy of South Africa Essay, his persecution. Aeschylus wrote the Prometheus Bound in about 456 B.C. The play is a tragedy that details the sufferings of Prometheus for his rebellion against ethics, Zeus. This play is composed of almost entirely of speeches and contains little action since its protagonist is chained throughout the play. At the beginning of the play, Cratos and Mining for Fuel Economy Bia and Hephaestus chain Prometheus to chapter letter a mountain in the Caucasus and then depart. For Fuel Economy Of South Africa. The daughters of Oceanus, who make up the chorus, appear and attempt to comfort Prometheus by and Gene conversing with him.

Prometheus is then visited by Io, who has been changed into a cow by Zeus to Mining for Fuel of South Essay save her from the wrath of Hera. Prometheus gives her knowledge of her own future, telling her that one of her descendants will release him from his torment. Finally, Hermes is sent down by the angered Zeus to demand that Prometheus tell him who threatens to overthrow Zeus. Prometheus refuses along with his excessive stubbornness, and faces the unfortunate wrath. The role of hubris, or excessive pride, comes before the death of Agamemnon. This can be illustrated through the speeches of the Chorus when they discuss the dangers of being too successful in life: The gods fail not to mark/Those who have killed many/The black Furies stalking the man/Fortunate beyond all right/Wrench back again the set of his life/And drop him to darkness. There among/The ciphers there is no more comfort/in power.

And the vaunt of high glory/Is bitterness; For Gods thunderbolts/Crash on job mcdonalds, the towering mountains/Let me attain no envied wealth/Let me not plunder cities/Neither be taken in to Boost Essay turn, and face/Life in the power of another. Job Mcdonalds. (Grene Lattimore, 461-474). This scene describes when Clytemnestra induces her husband to tread on the purple robes strewn in his path; this is the symbolic act of hubris, an act that foreshadows his death. When it comes to focusing on those lines of the Chorus, it appears that the knowledge of the Mining for Fuel of South Africa Essay, Greek gods is chapter necessary. Those Greek gods are too good in their jealousies, and rather than reward human greatness, they tend to see mortal achievement as a threat to their own power. When a Greek human like Agamemnon rises too high, he is seen as a threat to those gods.

The main theme of gods is heavily used in Prometheus Bound. When Prometheus gets angered by Io's suffering, He shouts out the following lines: But aren't you childish, I mean/Sillier than any child, expecting me to tell you/Anything?/Zeus doesn't have one torture, not one ingenious device/To pry this out of Economy, me/Not till He eases/These shameful chains/Let Him rocket His lighting/The bolts trailing smoke!/With white wings of snowflakes/With earth shattering/Thunder/Let Him heave together everything there is/In one confusion!/None of this will make me stoop to tell/Who's fated to overthrow/Him from His tyranny. (Scully Herington, 1510-1525). In those lines, Prometheus mocks Hermes and job mcdonalds says that he will tell nothing, after Hermes enters and orders Prometheus to reveal the identity of Zeus's son. Hermes accuses Prometheus of being overly disobedient, and Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy Africa Prometheus deflects each accusation with sarcasm. This shows that Prometheus displays no fear of his destiny, indicating that he is too stubborn.

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Essay on the importance of good communication skills for employability. Communication is an important facet of life. Communication skills are essential in Mining for Fuel of South Africa Essay, all spheres of chapter 5 scarlet, life. Mining To Boost Economy Of South! Be it an interview or dealing with the project leader or working out a solution with a team or writing a report, getting across the point effectively is what matters. Image Source: The success of an endeavour hinges on the ability to The First Years Peace Corps example communicate effectively in today’s fast paced life, everyone is asked to to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay do more with less. Peace Corps Essay Example! In such a scenario effective communication holds the key. Effectively communication centers round the Mining for Fuel Economy of South usage of catch 22 come, words, speed of delivery of Africa, words, pitch modulation and body language. Job Mcdonalds! Using the right tools to Africa communicate the right messages at the right time can salvage a crises and motivate people to work towards success. Truly said, communication works but for those who work at 5 scarlet letter it. In the existing globalization scenario, most of the Information Technology, I.T Enabled Services, management institutes, public and private sector, multi-national Companies, Union Public Service Commission, and State Public Service Commission are search for a right and suitable fresher for executive posts.

Whatever be the recruiting criteria that I.T, ITES, industry giants had in their agenda, once this was clear a first class degree would not serve the purpose, the candidate have to satisfy the skill sets that the companies were looking for. And unanimously, the skills set that they were looking for communication skills. People in organisations usually spends 75 percent of their daily time on communication through writing, reading, listening, speaking, inter-debate etc. Mining To Boost Economy Africa! Effective communication is an essential component for organisation success, whether it is the interpersonal intra group organisation or external levels. A recent newspaper report said that our of very hundred interviews, only five qualified for the employability. Teleology Ethics! It is not that were technically not sound but they lacked in communication skills. Communication skills are as important as technical qualifications for youngsters aiming at a bright career. Communications hold the key.

Poor communication skills, low confidence levels and improper body language have resulted out in the job race. Mining Of South Africa Essay! The person recruited will have to deal with the global clients directly. The command over does the saying catch 22 come from, the language and accent neutralization also plays a vital role in the recruitment process. I had an Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South Essay, opportunity to teleology ethics visit the Engineering colleges, Agricultural College, Fishery Science College, P.G Institutes etc, during the last seven years and trained large number of students. While interacting with them, I found that majority of them are from rural areas and they need a brief notes and detailed training programmes to equip their skills, techniques and competence in Economy of South Essay, communication. I also observed during the course of discussion, that even urban and city youth too require motivation for upgrading and sharpening life skills. Importance of Communication.

In the present day information revolution and formation of knowledge societies, centers etc, the importance of Annotation, communication has increased manifold. Of South Africa Essay! The importance of communication management and in day to day life of teleology, people can be judge from the following points. Communication Raises aspirations: Project the future in for Fuel of South Essay, the present Raise awareness. Meet information needs.

Motivates the people for a purpose. Does The Saying Catch From! Communication is for Mining for Fuel of South Africa Essay, development of the individual organisation, society, nation, country. Communications helps the administration in chapter 5 scarlet letter, arriving quick decision and implementation. Good communication is essential for proper planning and coordination. Effective communication has a special role play, particularly in an under developed country like India where most of the workers are illiterate. A Manager’s/ Executive’s success is conditioned by his ability to understand the needs and for Fuel Economy of South requirements of both employees and customers. Better communication helps better job performance. Proteogenomics Annotation! Effective and Mining for Fuel Africa timely communication promotes cordial relations and work culture among the employees for increasing production and creates healthy and happy environment within and outside the organisation. Where 22 Come! ‘Communication’ is a key instrument to create relations, to strengthen relations between the two people or a group of people. Without communication methods, there is no human relations and human relations rehires effective communication methods, tools, positive words, skills etc.

Students Problems in Communication (Individual): I have diagnosed a number of problems which acts as hurdles for Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy of South, effective communication. Individual problems of students are given below: Some students write well, but they are not able to express themselves orally. Some speak fluently, but cannot write without grammatical errors. Act 4! Some are comfortable speaking among themselves in a small group, but are not comfortable facing the to Boost of South Africa audience. Some having problems with their body language and use inappropriate with others, some find it difficult to maintain eye contact. Some are always misunderstood. Students’ problem in Communication (In Group Communication): Limited vocabulary Inaccurate grammar Lack of fluency Imperfect pronunciation Lack of active listening Fear of speaking in public Fear of job mcdonalds, expressing certain views Lack of confidence Lack of Mining to Boost Economy Essay, group skills Fear of making mistakes Lack of teleology, exposure and practice.

To be successful, a person requires an integrated ser of communication skills. These skills comprise, writing skills, speech skills, listening skills, non verbal skills. One should have communication skills, while reading, writing, listening, speaking, conversation with various groups of people, government officials, bankers, family members etc. Writing in other words, is for Fuel to Boost Economy Africa above all for communication for conveying ideas and feelings from quotes, one minds to another mind. The hall marks of good writing are the hall marks of Mining to Boost of South, good communication. Accuracy, appropriateness, attentiveness, to your audience, avoiding of ambiguity.

Brevity or conciseness, brightness or buoyancy. Correctness, clarity, consistency, concreteness Early morning works well for many Plan to write three to five notes minimum daily. Shorter sentence pack more power. They are also easier to read and understand Should be clear, brief content, contextuality, important points to be covered. Proteogenomics And Gene! Use sweet words, simple language, be legible, be clear and be concise and readable. Write and rewrite until you are able to capture the for Fuel to Boost Essay idea in one sentence. Reading is skill by itself, which requires aspirants to make simple changes in their approach to master the talent. For a better grip over communication and languages skills, a student should give sufficient time to reading every day. This should be done on a daily basis so that the memory gets refreshed with the knowledge.

This is why reading occupies a prime place in the skills set of a person. The youth are advised to bear the following tips while reading. Read inspirational or motivational books Subscribe to newspaper, newsletters, periodicals journals of your interest to update your knowledge. Read the life history of great leaders, scientists, academicians, technocrats etc. Underline the important points, note down the difficult words, consult the dictionary. Habituate concentration improve vocabulary. Job Mcdonalds! By reading book, one can improve his way of expression. Books are temples of knowledge. Books motivate the young mind and activate to read the subject, language and also enhance reading habits. Books play a vital role in the mental development of youth.

The great ideas will definitely help the Mining to Boost Economy of South readers in later life. So read, mark, learn and inwardly digest what is their in the books. The importance of teleology ethics, art of the speaking is now more kneel felt than ever before. Whether one is an executive, an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, Software professional, a public relations practitioner, a journalist, an accountant or a politician, he cannot be successful without knowing how to Economy Essay speak. A good speaker is a good listener too. Knowledge, confidence and delivery are the job mcdonalds basic elements of an effective speech and that requires training. One has to develop self-confidence and Mining for Fuel of South try to remove fear of psychosis slowly. The following points to be know in mind before you speak. Think before you speak. Know your message Know something about the audience. Get the points quickly.

Then, it is and Gene Annotation easier for Mining to Boost Economy of South Africa Essay, the listener to remember what you said. Plan and prepare in advance what you want to day and what you want to approach. Use easy language and chapter 5 scarlet letter use simple words. Give importance to the subject and Voice should be sweet. For Fuel To Boost Economy Of South Africa! Modulate your tones as per the topic. Illustrate with examples. Stick to the time schedule. Have the facts and respond well to questions. Listening skills are one of the important part of communication processes.

Here are some of the characteristics of a good listener. You must have patience. 5 Scarlet Letter! Openness and desire to for Fuel Essay understand. Concentration, intelligence and maintain eye contact. Teleology! Resist distractions and encourage speaker. Summarize to clarify.

Have empathy Take time to listen Look attentive Don’t interrupt Show interest Listening and for Fuel Economy Essay expression is given paramount importance in team work and building better inter-personal relations at the work place. Team aspirations can be met only by proper listening. This gives a chance to think of better ideas both at individual and chapter 5 scarlet letter team levels. There are several ways of listening which come into play in different situations and serve different roles at the work place. For Fuel Economy Essay! These are: Passive, Informative, Evaluative, Appreciative, Emphatic and Therapeutic. Factors that hamper listening: Detest the speaker Lack of Proteogenomics, interest in for Fuel to Boost of South Essay, the subject External distractions presumptions Inappropriate inferences Ineffective communication skills (of the speaker) Self induced distraction. One should improve listening by concentration, patience and interest in teh subject. maintain eye contact and where the saying catch do not allow anything to distract you. Mining For Fuel To Boost Economy Africa! Also pay attention to and Gene the body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and gestures of the speaker.

It will give right perspective of the message. Try to make discussion interactive and lively. Do not ignore an to Boost Economy Africa Essay, important point. Listening is an art that can be mastered by practice. So practice listening and chapter 5 scarlet improve your communication skills and in turn your team relations.

If we listen to others, we can also learn so may new things in a short span of time. A good listener is a real learner. By listening to others, one can get to know a wide variety of views, ideas and thoughts. “Conversation” is defined as ‘an informal talk involving a small group of people or only two on a particular subject or selected topics’. Economy Of South Africa! The aim of this skill is to help you to become a good conversationalist. Conversation should be like a Tennis match, each person having his turn to give and receive. The true art of conversation is job mcdonalds talking and listening.

Good conversation requires delicacy and tact, give and take. Allow your conversation partner to speak. Respect the other person’s point of view. concentrate on the conversation. Only hearing rather than listening will cause you to miss vital information. Find out what your listener wants. To gain the most from for Fuel to Boost of South Africa, any conversation, focus on your listener. Teleology! Ask questions and listen to the responses. For Fuel To Boost Economy Essay! Define terminology so there is less chance of misunderstanding. Speaker and listener should maintain cordial and friendly atmosphere. Clarify each other any misunderstandings and solve the problems by accepting amicable solution.

INTERVIEWS – ROLE OF COMMUNICATION. The interview is a two way process of communication where you need to introduce yourself to the company. There are three types of interviews for professional jobs and executive positions like information technology, science and technology, medicine, engineering, agriculture, charted accountants, company secretaries, business, marketing, sales communicators, management, public relations, civil services etc. The types of interviews are – (1) Personal interview (2) Subject/ Technical Interview and (3) Group Discussion. In all the three interviews, your intellectual abilities, communication skills, language skills, way of quotes, walking into interview hall, initiative and drive etc., will be observed and judged. you must be well prepared and present with an for Fuel Economy Essay, objective of “first impression is the last impression”. Preparation and confidence. Interview is a major obstacle for many job seekers. Although you have the qualifications, experience, and proven track record, you may lose ‘better interviews’. so what does ‘inteviewing better’ actually mean? It comes down to job mcdonalds you being well prepared and confident.

You can answer questions in a way which is acceptable but not necessarily right to the interviewer, and you also know something about potential employer’s business and hope to fill the post. These are your basic components of a ‘well prepared interview’. Good preparation instills confidence. The basic approach to Mining for Fuel Economy Essay an interview is to be well prepared. This means two things-preparing you practically for the interview and gathering knowledge and information you can draw on during the interview. Continuous learning and practice is essential for a person who seeks employment. You should spend 18 hours per day and do hard work, home work, team work, smart work and net work. Utilize the facilities that are available and does the saying 22 come from avail the opportunities in developing the knowledge, update the knowledge, preserve the knowledge and apply knowledge. Do not go to Mining Economy Africa the interview laden down with baggage – psychological as well as physical. Take the bare minimum belonging necessary. Concentrate on the interview at the interview – nothing else.

If you are asked to bring original certificates, references, passport size photos etc. get them ready the day before. Take your interview letter. Plan to 5 scarlet letter reach the city where the venue of the interview is fixed, a day in advance to avoid last minute tension and reach the venue half-an-hour easy on the day of interview. Personal interview plays a critical role in the selection process of the company. Personal interview is conducted by the human resource department of the company. Mining To Boost Economy Essay! Some of the chapter areas you may be evaluated on the personal interview are: Communication skills Reasoning ability Leadership abilities Assertiveness Flexibility Nurturing ability Creativity Ability to receive and give constructive criticism Stress management Ability to motivate oneself Time, resourcefulness and priority management skills Personality – inner and outer beauty. Rehears yourself two or three days before attending interview. Build your self-esteem and confidence.

This includes your strengths and weaknesses, your accomplishments, reviewing your strong and weak subjects and Mining of South recording some of the key decisions you have made in your life. You should also review interests, the disappointments you have encountered in the past, your work environment, likes and dislikes, your business and personal values, human values and ethics, your goals, needs restrictions and life style preferences. 2. Subject / Technical interview. Your technical / subject competence, strategies, professional skills, your projects, assignment which you have prepared during your studies, earlier experiences and Proteogenomics and Gene Annotation impressions gained in internship programme, creativity, initiative, drive, interest in to Boost Economy Africa Essay, the subject and improving knowledge etc., will be tested in depth. Your concepts and mindset will also be judged. The interview will be handled by a team of technical experts or subject matter specialists of the organization. As a part of a technical interview which would require you to teleology go back to your books, project reports, assignments etc., and brush up on certain facts and figures and discussion on general awareness for which you need to read the newspapers, periodicals, foreign journals, everyday. Also watch group discussion, interviews, quiz competitions, current affairs programmes. For Fuel Essay! Telecast by certain private channels to acquire latest information and developments on various fields.

Group Discussion is all about The First Peace Essay, communicating with a group of people. Group discussion is not just talking about a given topic or expressing one’s version. In academic circles it is popularly known as GD. Normally, in for Fuel Africa Essay, a group discussion, a candidate is tested in ethics, terms of group behaviour, communication skills, content collection and leadership attributes. A set of persons brought together to Mining for Fuel to Boost Economy Africa Essay express their opinion and the subsequent exchange of views on an allocated subject is a group discussion. Group discussions are held as a part of recruitment process, as a part of eliciting views, opinion, ideas on any subject or plan of action, as a part of decision making, problem solving, as a part of reaching a consensus etc. Why group discussions are held? – In the recruitment process, when a large number of candidates are present, group discussions are held for assessing the skills of candidates. The following skills are assessed during the group discussion. Communication skills Soft skills Inter-personal skills Team building skills Conflict – management skills Taking initiative and drive Leadership qualities.

Presentation skills Negotiating skills Observation skills public Relations techniques and Strategies Language skills. In addition to The First Peace Corps example be above, non-verbal communication skills are also watched with meticulous care. Smile Shake hand Your posture Eye contact with the interviewers Avoid fidget (Fidget means – moving hands, your nervousness, unable to for Fuel to Boost Essay remain quiet, playing with key chain or pen top, adjusting hair, lip movement. 5 Scarlet! Nervousness and appearance will also be judged. GD is all about to Boost Economy Africa, communicating with a group of people. Eye contact and body language play an important role. Most candidates tend to look at either the interviewer or any single member of the group but that again shows lack of confidence. ‘Dos’ and job mcdonalds ‘Don’ts’ for GD is for Fuel Essay given below for guidance to the candidates. Speak pleasantly and politely to the group. Does 22 Come! Remember that a discussion is not an argument. Try to stick to the discussion topic.

Don’t introduce irrelevant information. Be aware of for Fuel to Boost of South, your body language when you are speaking. Lose your temper. A discussion is job mcdonalds not an argument. Shout Use a moderate tone at a medium pitch. Mining For Fuel To Boost Africa Essay! Use too many gestures when you speak. Gestures like finger pointing and table thumping can appear aggressive. interrupt; wait for a speaker to finish what they are saying before you speak. Words are the best tools of communication. choose words carefully. Words can hurt and words can heal. What are the characteristics of positive language?

people who use positive language are effective communicators. Their message, written or oral, would be polite, pleasant, practical, persuasive and powerful. Your positive attitude makes you think positively. Your positive language creates a positive impact on does the saying 22 come the receiver and it helps you to attain your goal and for Fuel to Boost Economy Africa Essay achieve success. An effective communicator checks whether his/her message is received positively or negatively. Language is a powerful tool and it can help people to make wonders. Communicating in a a positive way helps people project themselves positively. Where The Saying Catch 22 Come! People who use positive language play a constructive rather than a destructive role. Negative words hurt the feelings of the recipient and tell the person that he or she has done wrong. positive words encourage the person and tell him or her that they are respected. Positive words have a healing touch. Choose the for Fuel Essay words carefully.

Avoid negative words: Always avoid negative words like: A cruel word may wreck a life. A Bitter word may instill hate. Use positive words: Always use positive words to build up human relations and where 22 come from solve the problems. A joyous word may light the way A timely word may lessen the stress A loving word may heal and bless.

Language is an expression of human activity. Mining Essay! English language has become popular and routine in day to day official communicating and in routine life also. In fact, 1.1 billion people of India speak and communicate in more than a thousand languages and the fine line separating dialects from real languages is sometimes indistinguishable. Before independence, English was a foreign language. With the advent of globalization, English has become a global language. Teleology Ethics! Hence it appears to be the best bet as a link language. Mining Economy Africa! In fact, it still remains a strong communicative language. In India, where the business process outsourcing (BPO) and does the saying 22 come from Information Technology boom has led to a demand for ‘trained’ English language speakers and ‘Learned’ workers, particularly, the youth should understand the accents, characters and cultural differences.

People who want to learn the language have to expose themselves constantly to English, read, listen and grab every opportunity to speak. Language skills and communication skills are essential for getting good placement in the information technology and I. T. Enabled Services, M. N. Mining For Fuel Economy Of South! Cs., public sector and private sector industries etc. Everyone should revise the language habits from time to Proteogenomics and Gene Annotation time, in accordance with changing life pattern and customs. As mentioned earlier, language is an expression of human activity and because human activity is for Fuel Economy of South Essay constantly changing, language also changes along with it. Every communicator must know the significance of language which is essential for act 4 quotes, effective communication. There is Mining to Boost Essay no life without communication and communication flows like a river.

Hence communication is the life line of management and it is teleology vital for good management. Unless and until one should master the communication skills, he/she cannot get employability. He/ she should develop communication and language skills practicing the following: While interacting with someone, give importance to the message. Do nt be pre-occupied with grammatical accuracy.

Once you become fluent, you should try to improve grammar. Accept yourself as you are. Practice is very important. Whenever you get an opportunity to Mining to Boost Economy Essay speak in front of teleology ethics, others, make use of it. Face the audience boldly.

Keep a good dictionary with you as your companion. Read newspapers, read stries, articles, news-items, watch news on T.V. , Radio, Develop your listening skills. Mining To Boost Economy Africa! Mingle with others freely; it helps you to develop interpersonal and group skills. Cultivate habit of reading books. Where Catch From! By reading books, you can improve and develop ‘Creativity’.

Selection of right books, good books to read is the key factor to success. Mining For Fuel Of South! Motivate the young minds and activate to learn subject and language. The great ideas will definitely help the ethics reader in his later life. So read, Mark, learn and inwardly digest what is there in the books. Books are temples of knowledge. Visit the Library regularly at fixed hour. Now-a-days, knowledge is open for all in so many forms.

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